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Pizza and Pasta night at Seabank Hotel 30-June-2005
Our summer activity this year was held at the Pizzeria Le Mare, Seabank Hotel Mellieha. A great time was had by all, the food was excellent and while the younger children made use of the Ballroom play area, the older ones had bowling to keep them occupied. In all approx 35 families attended whom all agree that we should make use of the facillities again in the future.
Thanks to all who attended and contributed to our raffle, we had prizes ranging from a Weekend Break to a box of chocolates.
Families of all ages from twin newborns to ten year old quads came along to enjoy each others company and we all had our own stories to share with each other.
Our continued support towards each other will overide the everyday hardships we come across. The good days make up for the bad day we have.
Once again we would like to thank all who encourage and support our activities, with your help we will continue our Support Group.
Charmaine Farrugia